My Story.
Ain't no secret that bikes have been my passion since my childhood. I just loved riding them, but it didn't take long till I started to fix them as well.  I remember when I was about 8 years old, I maintained my friends' old bikes so intensively that my palm was cut from holding a thin multi-tool ...

Years went by and my passion grew. I started to build my first custom made bikes at the age of 20. Since then I have built around hundred bikes, all custom-made depending on peoples needs.

First recognition came as I sent some photos to the Canadian bikers site Atomic Zombie, which published my works and pointed out my Estonian roots as well. :)

My first real working experience in a bike shop came at Velo HK in 1996.   In 1999 I started working at Rademar - one of the biggest bikeshops in Estonia.  After that, while gathering  experience and knowledge from working with modern bicycles,
I got a job as a mechanic at Estonia's biggest bikeshop Hawaii Express in 2006. It wasn't just fixing bikes there but looking after ski equipment during Winters and also dealing with customers insurance problems. Still, my main attention has been on choppers and electric bikes ever since that finally  grow into my own brand - www.RIXBIKES.com

So far, I have built some special choppers including one which even got the eye of the Prime Minister Mr. Taavi Rõivas in last May. Just a month earlier, in April I had my story published at our tech magazine "Inseneeria".

But the cherry on the top has been the invitation to the United States Independence Day 235th anniversary celebration in the US Embassy as I had the honour to fix the bicycle of the ex-ambassador Mr. Michael C. Polt. 

Well, this is my story so far. Let's see what comes next. Anyway, every new order is a challenge for me to raise the bar of my skills. For me, the best thing is to see a satisfied customer.